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Distributor Education Request

Please use the form below to request a class from one of our professionals.

Distributor Information

Host Salon/ Venue Information

(if applicable)

Accepts PDF, Word doc, or Image. Please keep files under 10MB

Class Requirements: There is a minimum of 15 attendees required for each class requested. Cluster classes can be utilized to achieve attendee requirements. Please register at for refresher classes or for stylists/salons that either do not meet the 15 minimum requirement or do not wish to host a cluster class. For private events, host salon must have purchased and/or meet minimum purchase requirements as determined by the Keratin Complex Regional Sales Director for that market and/or the Keratin Complex Director of Education.

Disclaimer: We require up to 4 weeks to schedule and coordinate in-person classes.

Payment Requirements: Distributor will be responsible for payment of Educator fees including brand’s current mileage rate. 50% of payment will be credited back from accrual account after payment is received by educator. Reimbursement is subject to distributor sales rep’s presence during class to facilitate sales. Distributor will be responsible for 100% of total costs if sales rep is not present during the scheduled class. In special situations, KC will take care of any additional or extended travel arrangements. 

Cancellation: Once this form is accepted, it will serve as a contractual agreement. Cancellations within 15-days of event, the distributor may be held responsible for costs incurred by the brand caused by the cancellation, including but not limited to, all costs associated with educator’s travel arrangements.