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Bond Rebuilder Services

Vitalshot® Bond Rebuilder is an innovative, one-step keratin treatment that rebuilds and repairs the bonds of the hair to deliver stronger, healthier hair. This in-salon service is a one-step process that can be used alone or in any color service to strengthen damaged hair from the inside out.

Ask your stylist for one of the four Vitalshot services below.

Keratin bond rebuilder reparative remedy.

Reparative Remedy

Get instant damage repair. This booster rebuilds and repairs the bonds of the hair to deliver strength and healthy-looking shine.

Keratin bond rebuilder radiant color.

Radiant Color

Protect your hair while you color it. This service strengthens the bonds of the hair so your hair color lasts longer and looks more vibrant that ever before!

Keratin bond rebuilder Brightest blonde.

Brightest Blonde

Whether you’re going for an icy blonde hue or a sunkissed balayage, this service is for you! Designed for the best blonde, this service rebuild bonds and protect blonde and fragile hair during a lightening service.

Keratin bond rebuilder masque maximizer.

Masque Maximizer

Pamper your hair with a keratin-boosting, luxuriously rich and hydrating masque experience.