@haleymestep's Blonde Refresher Technique

@haleymestep's Blonde Refresher Technique

Offering a color-locking service at your salon has so many benefits for your clients and for you, the stylist! It enhances any color application and restores hair health while increasing your revenue behind the chair.

Scroll to see how Haley Estep (@haleymestep) upgrades her blondes with It’s a Blonde Thing® Keratin Lightening System (IABT) and Express Blow Out (EBO), the speedy smoothing solution for clients looking for frizz-free, silky-smooth results.

1. Section hair to isolate top mohawk section. Working from the front hairline, weave slim subsections and apply lightener formula on the base of the hair blending it onto already lightened hair. Feather lightener down into mid-shafts or ends where extra lightness is desired. Continue foiling through entire top section back to the crown


Keratin Complex IABT & Keratin Complex Developer 20 Volume - 1oz:1.5oz 20 Vol.

2. Continue mini foil placement technique throughout both sides of the head. Focus lightener formula application on areas of the hair where brightness is desired.

Pro Tip: Mix different lightener formulations using different levels of developer. During foil placement use different strength lightener formulas to customize the blonding result.

Suggested formulas using It’s A Blonde Thing ® Lightening System & Keratin Complex Developer:

- 1oz IABT : 2oz 10 Vol.

- 1oz IABT : 2oz 20 Vol.

- 1oz IABT : 2oz 30 Vol.

3. Wet Balayage Technique: Spray and dampen hair with water on remaining hair from the crown to nape of the head. Using diagonal partings, apply lightener to damp subsections and feather lightener up into hair to brighten the mid-shafts and ends. This step will minimize lines of demarcation. Continue through the entire back section of hair.

4. Wash hair once with Keratin Complex Blondeshell® Shampoo to remove lightener and rinse completely. Follow with a single shampoo of Keratin Complex KC Primer Keratin Pre-Treatment Shampoo to prep the hair for the EBO application. Rinse completely and towel dry hair.

Pro-Tip: When using KC Primer, do not scrub or agitate hair while shampooing. Use fingers to lightly distribute the pre-treatment shampoo through the hair. This will eliminate any tangling and ease the EBO application step.

5.  Section hair into 4 sections. Apply EBO, starting in the back sections using 1-inch subsections

Apply the treatment throughout each subsection using a fine-tooth comb to evenly distribute from base through to the ends.

6. After application of EBO throughout the hair, section into 4 sections. Proceed to dry the hair 100% with a blow-dryer. Using small sections, blow-dry each section completely with a paddle brush or a round brush depending on the desired finish.

7. Section dry hair into 4 sections. Using 1-inch subsections, flatiron hair with 380-400 degrees, 2-4 passes from base through to the ends with a smoothing iron. Continue ironing through each section.

8. Results: Beautiful, bright blonding with results that lasts up to 6 weeks.

The combination of Keratin Complex Color and EBO gives your clients soft, silky, shiny, and smooth hair in just 15 minutes. EBO is the ultimate salon must-have to seal in color while providing luminous shine to any hair color.

Follow up with Keratin Complex aftercare products to ensure treatment longevity and support overall hair health. Learn more about the Express Blow Out Smoothing Treatment and the portfolio of treatments here! Shop this bundle or keratin treatment, color & keratin-enhanced aftercare favorites here.

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