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KCEXPRESS Delivers The Perfect Care For Hair Extensions

Keratin Complex, the leader in professional keratin smoothing treatments, helps salons and stylists deliver healthy, beautiful, frizz-free strands, no matter the hair type or texture. But did you know that Keratin Complex smoothing treatments also work to enhance the longevity and beauty of hair extensions?  

 According to DeAndra Giselle (@deandragiselle), educator for Keratin Complex, “KCEXPRESS Express Blow Out Smoothing System is a perfect treatment for extension care.” KCEXPRESS works wonders in rejuvenating and revitalizing natural hair extensions. By fortifying the extensions and sealing in essential moisture, we address the challenge of extensions not receiving the same natural oils from the scalp as real hair does. With KCEXPRESS, we ensure that your extensions stay strong, healthy, and beautifully nourished. Results? Extensions are less tangled, moisture levels are maintained and breakage is reduced to a minimum. KCEXPRESS also helps stylists more easily blend clients’ natural hair with extensions. 

 “I’ve been an extension specialist for 14 years and one of the common threads I see for all hair fabrics is that extensions are shiny, bouncy, frizz-free, and full of life, especially when they are brand-new; meanwhile, natural hair is likely breaking, frizzy and not shiny,” Giselle says. “The struggle occurs while blending clients’ natural hair with the extensions and having them be able to blend their hair with the extensions when styling at home. KCEXPRESS can help solve this problem by giving clients’ natural hair the shiny, bouncy, frizz-free look to compliment the newer extensions”  

 Further, KCEXPRESS is an easy and fast service to boost the longevity of hair extensions. “When the extensions are getting old, I’m able to easily add a KCEXPRESS treatment to refresh and protect them, without a lot of work behind the chair,” DeAndra shares. “This refreshes the extensions and allows clients to reuse them, often for longer than a year.” 

Just as KCEXPRESS ensures that natural hair is stronger, shinier and free of frizz, it lends the same effects for extensions. “Keratin Complex gives my clients beautiful hair every day while increasing my revenue behind the chair,” DeAndra enthuses. “It’s a win for my clients–and for me.”  

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