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Keratin Complex on the Red Carpet

Award season kicks off with one of the biggest nights in Hollywood at the 77th Golden Globe Awards and celebrity hairstylist Jesse German (@lahairstory) shows us how to recreate one of his looks on Lilla Soria using Keratin Complex products. 

German shares this step-by-step:

  1. I started her look with the Keratin Care Shampoo & Conditioner and sprayed a healthy misting of Keratin Obsessed™ on her towel-dried hair to prep her hair with an even porosity and build up the strength for the high heat ahead.
  2. I layered in Volumizing Foam with a touch of KeraBalm 3-in-1 Hair Balm for memory and hold
  3. I blow-dried her hair using Hydra-Dry and set it in Velcro rollers for a voluminous setting, away from the face and down on the sides and back for added volume.
  4. Once cool, I took the rollers down and set her hair taking 1 1/2 inch sections away from the face using my Transformer Interchangeable Styling Rod, leaving the ends slightly out for a more undone and tousled look.
  5. I did a light a tease on the crown focusing on individual pieces for a textured look spraying Texturizing Spray at the root about 10 inches away to create a soft mist of hold at the root.
  6. I combed out the curls with my fingers into larger loose waves.
  7. I touched up some key pieces around the face with my wand again and then misted her entire head with Flex Hold Hairspray for a long-lasting hold.

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