NKSTB Before and after model photo

Revive Your Clients Hair With Keratin Complex NKSTB Smoothing Treatment

The winter months can be hard on your client’s hair, leaving it dry, frizzy, unmanageable. They’ll be looking to you, their favorite hairstylist, to help restore life and beauty back into their hair. Keratin Complex® - the industry leader in professional smoothing treatments, hair color, hair care, and styling –- has the perfect reparative keratin smoothing treatment for your clients this winter – Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment System for Blonde Hair (NKSTB)! The great news is that it is NOT just for blondes, but for anyone with fine, fragile, or damaged hair.

The NKSTB in-salon treatment is a must-have for all beauty professional and their clients as it repairs hair while reducing frizz for clients who want healthier, smoother, more manageable hair. This treatment activates at a lower heat temperature so is incredibly gentle and is specially formulated for anyone with fine, fragile, or over processed hair!

Clients will love the NKSTB treatment as it’s formulated with Keratin Complex’s Signature Keratin that repairs dry and damaged winter hair and imparts special conditioning agents to soften and protect hair from humidity and breakage. 

Featuring a neutral tint formula, NKSTB will not compromise the clarity of blonde, gray, or silver tones, and instead can enhance hair color vibrancy. Styling will be easier for clients at home as the treatment dramatically reduces blow-dry time and makes hair overall more manageable.  

The benefits of the treatment last up to 5 months, so hair can stay stronger and healthier even as winter turns to summer! Give your clients beautiful, healthier hair this winter and all year long with Keratin Complex.

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