KCMAX Treatment box with product inside

Smooth Operator - Boost Revenues and Client Satisfaction with KCMAX

Sleek, silky locks are as easy as 1-2-3 with the transformative three-step KCMAX Maximum Keratin Smoothing System. Thanks to the most advanced technology yet, KCMAX is Keratin Complex’s most powerful smoothing treatment that delivers ready to wear hair for up to three months!

What’s more, each liter adds a nice chunk of change to your bottom line: potentially $9,900 to be exact. What’s not to love?

 Keratin Complex has a full portfolio of keratin treatments that deliver luxorious results. KCMAX is perfect for salons and stylists who have clients looking for the sleekest results and wanting to repair hair damage from the cold, winter months. This 90-minute professional smoothing treatment not only eliminates frizz and creates manageability, but also increases the strength of damaged hair.

 Formulated with our proprietary keratin technology for stronger, healthier hair, KCMAX Maximum Smoothing Treatment eliminates frizz and increases manageability for all hair types, while delivering luminous shine and silky softness. KCMAX dramatically increases the strength of damaged hair and produces straighter, smoother results in just oine treatment. Post-treatment blow-dry and styling time is much shorter, plus clients can pull hair back or put in clips immediately. 

Three easy steps ensure beautiful results:

  1. Pre-Treatment Shampoo - Before starting each treatment, shampoo hair twice with KCMAX Maximum Keratin Pre-Treatment Shampoo. During the second shampoo, allow shampoo to saturate the hair for five minutes. Rinse completely but do not use conditioner. After thoroughly towel-drying the hair, shake, measure and pour treatment into a bowl (1 oz. per application based on texture, porosity and condition of the hair).
  1. Treatment Application – Gloves should be worn. Divide hair into six sections. Starting at the nape, part hair into ½ to 1-inch subsections. Apply treatment evenly, beginning ¼-inch from the scalp through to the ends. Continue combing to ensure even distribution. Be careful not to oversaturate the hair. Cover with a plastic cap and allow treatment to process for 30 minutes. Divide hair into six sections and use your fingers to blow-dry hair 80% before finishing with a vent brush.
  1. Treatment Spray - Starting at the nape, part the hair in two-inch sections and mist with one to three pumps of KCMAX Daily Treatment Spray from base to ends. Comb through each section to ensure even distribution. Divide hair into six sections. Flat iron ½ to 1-inch subsections. For fine to medium hair, the temperature range should be 380 to 400 degrees F while the number of passes from base to ends should be 7 to 10. For coarse, virgin and resistant hair, the temperature range should be 400 to 450 degrees F while the number of passes from base to ends should be 10 to 12.

After the service is complete the stylist provides the clients with the remainder of the bottle of the KCMAX Daily Treatment Spray to go home with to maintain the longevity and effectiveness of the treatment. The KCMAX Daily Treatment Spray is formulated with Signature Keratin and is the essential aftercare for the KCMAX service and should be used after every shampoo and before any restyle.

 KCMAX is available in two sizes: A liter system (33.8 fl. oz.) which has 24 applications and can generate up to $9,900 in revenue and the 4 oz. KCMAX Smoothing System Kit that includes 4 applications.


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