The Ultimate DIY Guide to At-Home Keratin Treatments

The Ultimate DIY Guide to At-Home Keratin Treatments

Keratin Complex offers both in-salon and at-home keratin treatment solutions to help you achieve healthy, frizz-free hair.

Oftentimes the search for beautiful, smooth hair begins at home–hence, the appeal of effective at-home keratin treatments that make frizz-free hair not only possible, but cost-effective and convenient. And while in-salon professional keratin hair-smoothing services do offer more long-term and higher-performing frizz-control solutions, there are also at-home keratin treatments that, when used regularly, can help to achieve sleek, semi-permanent results.

The full portfolio of Keratin Complex smoothing treatments fortifies strands with proprietary Signature Keratin, a specialized keratin protein that nourishes from the inside out to strengthen, moisturize, smooth and improve hair’s overall health and appearance. The end result? Reduced frizz, increased shine, smoother texture, and more manageable styling.

Keratin Complex in-salon professional keratin hair-smoothing treatments provide a scientific solution for healthy hair thanks to the brand’s proprietary Signature Keratin–this advanced keratin protein complex bestows more long-term and significant frizz-controlling or straightening results thanks to a unique process wherein the keratin protein is sealed into hair via thermal styling tools. Keratin Complex professional keratin treatments include a variety of customizable smoothing results that range from light frizz reduction to a significant decrease in the hair’s natural curl pattern–and all of these treatments feature the brand’s unique Signature Keratin technology that has made Keratin Complex the beauty industry hair-smoothing leader since 2007. Results can last from six weeks up to five months depending on the type of treatment (Keratin Complex offers less intensive frizz-reducing solutions like KCEXPRESS in addition to stronger smoothing services like KCMAX) as well as the client’s at-home maintenance routine. However, for individuals seeking a convenient, less costly, lighter frizz-control solution, an at-home keratin treatment may be a solid choice.

In addition to its award-winning in-salon professional formula, Keratin Complex has keratin solutions that aid in frizz reduction and foster healthy hair with a salon-grade formulation that has been adapted for at-home use. One at-home regimen, dubbed by the Keratin Complex team as the “Red Carpet Blow-dry,” is a semi-permanent treatment (if used regularly) that can help to mimic the results of a professional keratin treatment for up to three days. This treatment can strengthen and protect hair during styling to give soft, silky, shiny results, whether you’re seeking a sleek finish or voluminous curls. Here’s what you need to achieve the Red Carpet Blow-dry:

How To Apply Keratin Complex Red Carpet Blow-dry At-Home Keratin Treatment:

  1. Shampoo hair thoroughly with your preferred Keratin Complex Shampoo. Rinse and towel-dry hair.
  2. Distribute a small amount of Keratin Complex Intense RX Repair Serum throughout damp hair, concentrating on mid-lengths and ends.
  3. Allow Keratin Complex Intense RX Repair Serum to penetrate strands for 10 minutes.
  4. Blow-dry hair until it is 80-percent dry.
  5. Apply a small amount of Keratin Complex Infusion Keratin Replenisher throughout hair and brush through for even distribution.
  6. Finish blowing-out to 100-percent dry, then style as desired.

The frizz-combatting results of this Keratin Complex at-home keratin treatment are best maintained by performing this routine regularly and styling with Keratin Complex styling aids, such as Keratin Complex Volumizing Foam for incredible lift or Keratin Complex Styling Lotion for thermal defense and a glossy finish. Every Keratin Complex product not only contains the brand’s proprietary Signature Keratin, but is also gentle on tresses, which helps to prolong results and maintain the effectiveness of any Keratin Complex keratin treatment. Likewise when conditioning strands, be sure to opt for your preferred Keratin Complex conditioner, like Keratin Complex Keratin Care Smoothing Conditioner, or a more intensive therapeutic hair mask, such as the aromatic Keratin Complex Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner.

If you’re seeking a convenient, cost-effective way to minimize frizz and achieve healthier hair at home, the Keratin Complex Red Carpet Blow-dry at-home keratin treatment might be an ideal solution! But if you want more dramatic or longer-term smoothing results, you’ll need to seek out a Keratin Complex-certified salon professional for an effective in-salon keratin hair-smoothing treatment. Don’t know who to turn to? Check out the brand-new Keratin Complex salon locator for a list of Keratin Complex-certified salons and hairstylists near you. 

Explore the difference with Keratin Complex and experience the results. Purchase today to begin the journey to your best and most beautiful hair.

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