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VITALSHOT Bond Rebuilder Now Available in New, Convenient Size for Salon Professionals

Keratin Complex® is on a mission to help salon professionals optimize their business with ease and deliver remarkable hair transformations to their clients–which is exactly why the brand is rolling out an alternative packaging size of its beloved Vitalshot® Bond Rebuilder.

Vitalshot is a one-step bond rebuilder that repairs and rebuilds the hair’s inner bonds with a single application. It's a simple add-on for all coloring and lightening processes, eliminating the need to change color formulations or extend processing times, and it doesn't leave any lasting residue on the hair. Formulated with Keratin Complex’s multi-patented, triple-layer repair technology, Vitalshot strengthens hair from the inside out to help reverse long-term damage. The result is soft, lustrous and visibly healthy-looking hair.

Ideal for backbar use, the new 4 oz. Vitalshot bottle includes a convenient dispensing system that allows for precise measurement with just one to two pumps per shot. The new packaging has also been crafted for easy shelf placement to simplify the hairstylist's backbar experience while offering Vitalshot as an add-on service for clients.  Now, stylists have the option to select their preferred packaging option – the new, convenient dispenser or the existing individual ampoule shot. 

Psst: Did you know that Keratin Complex Vitalshot Bond Rebuilder can be used in four unique salon services?

Instant keratin booster that rebuilds and repairs the bonds of the hair!

  1. Shampoo hair and towel dry.
  2. Apply one to two doses of Vitalshot to damp hair and comb through the hair for even distribution.
  3. Cover the hair with a towel or cap and expose it to heat for 10 – 15 minutes. Remove the cap and allow the hair to cool for 2 – 5 minutes. Do not rinse.
  4. Blow-dry and style as desired.


(1 Vitalshot + 3 oz. / 90 ml of KeraLuminous® Permanent Color formula or KeraBrilliance® Demi-Permanent Color formula)
Enhance color vibrancy while strengthening bonds during coloring!

  1. Mix one dose of Vitalshot into every 3 oz. (90 ml) of color formulation.
  2. First, mix the color and developer based on the desired results.
  3. Mix the Vitalshot into the formula and apply.
  4. After processing, rinse hair and cleanse with Keratin Complex Timeless Color® Fade-Defy Shampoo and Conditioner.


(1 Vitalshot + 3 oz. / 90 ml of It's a Blonde Thing® Keratin Lightening System® formula)

Protect and rebuild bonds in blonde and fragile hair while lightening!

  1. Mix one dose of Vitalshot into every 3 oz. (90 ml) of lightener formula.
  2. Mix the powder lightener with the desired developer.
  3. Combine the Vitalshot into the formulation and apply.
  4. After processing, rinse the hair and follow with Timeless Color®Fade-Defy Shampoo and Conditioner.


(1 Vitalshot + .5-1 oz. / 15-30 ml of a Keratin Complex masques)  

Customized restoring remedy that moisturizes and strengthens the bonds of your hair!

  1. Shampoo hair and towel dry.
  2. Apply one dose of Vitalshot, ensuring even distribution by combing through hair.
  3. Layer masque and massage throughout the hair for even distribution.
  4. Leave on the hair for 5 minutes, then rinse and style as desired

As the favored choice of salon professionals, Keratin Complex takes pride in expanding the benefits of Signature Keratin to a comprehensive range of salon-quality treatments, hair care, styling and hair color products. The Vitalshot encapsulates the essence of Keratin Complex – exceptional products for salons and beauty professionals that allow them to deliver beautiful, healthy hair every day.

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