Adrienne Velazquez (@thesevenfigureboss) wears many hats. Not only is she the brand ambassador for Keratin Complex®, but she is also a working hairstylist, educator, influencer, and a mentor for aspiring salon professionals. In addition, Velazquez is the founder of the popular mentoring program The Seven Figure Boss™, which outlines how salon professionals can successfully and easily grow their businesses to new levels. Here, Velazquez shares her own life experiences and the challenges she overcame along the way to help build a more equitable world for women who want to be fulfilled and successful in the salon professional industry.


Velazquez began her career as a hairstylist more than 25 years ago, during a time when the hair industry was dominated by men. “I was ambitious but at the time, all the top, well-known stylists were men,” recalls Velazquez. “It was also a time when many minority groups were not well-represented in the industry. I didn’t see any role models whose faces looked like mine. However, I firmly believe that if you are passionate about something, there is always a way and an opportunity to create success. My ultimate goal is to motivate and help salon professionals forge through the roadblocks that prevent them from succeeding, while bringing awareness to situations in the industry that can cause inequity amongst minorities and women.”


Velazquez readily shares the reality of her early struggles to make ends meet and working long hours to hone her craft. With fortitude and dedication to her craft, she rose to become a seven-figure hairstylist and an influential and respected voice in the salon professional industry. Three tips for success behind the chair include:

  1. Salon professionals need to offer more services, especially when others may shy away from them. “Services, such as keratin smoothing treatments or hair extensions, are the most profitable and reliable sources of income, but not everyone offers them,” says Velazquez. “I try to offer as many quick add-on services that benefit my clients, as well as my bottom line, that I can to ensure I reach my maximum earning potential. For example, I recommend the Keratin Complex Express Blow Out to all my hair color clients. It takes 15 minutes, locks in hair color for up to six weeks, my clients love it and love the results, and it increases my business exponentially. It’s a win-win that more stylists should take advantage of.”


  1. “I also feel it is important for women in business to learn that it’s okay to be selfish,” says Velazquez. “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself, your dreams and your goals. I’m not advocating for people to become self-centered, but to become self-aware, treat yourself how you treat others, and consider your needs and well-being first before pushing those needs aside for the needs of others.”


  1. “Don’t let anyone step on you. Own your worth and your resilience,” Velazquez stresses. “Do the work, put in the time, learn your craft and evolve as an artist, and do not let anyone get in the way of YOUR success. We all have it in us. Work smart, not hard. Women can achieve anything without compromise. You just need to believe in that.”


This sentiment stems from personal experience. Like many women, Velazquez invested in herself later in life when she admits she should’ve been more assertive in fulfilling her own needs first. Retrospectively, she doesn’t view this as a mistake, but as a valuable lesson to take care of oneself and to be happy. “Ultimately, you are the author of your future,” enthuses Velazquez, who continues to inspire countless salon professionals to achieve their dreams for professional success.


Keratin Complex has provided many artists, educators and entrepreneurs like Velazquez with an opportunity to inspire women in the salon industry through the brand’s offering of hair care treatments that support salon growth and revenue. Zoe Hyams, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations, shares, “At Keratin Complex, we are committed to empowering and uplifting women. As a company we have a predominantly female staff and strive to empower and uplift each one of them every day. Our legacy of aiding salon growth is an integral part of our brand identity. Our suite of keratin treatments not only supports our stylist partners, but also enables them to provide beautiful hair to their clients–many of whom are women. We believe that by supporting and empowering women within our company and in the wider community, we can help to create a more equitable and inclusive world for all.”


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