New ways for men to manage their curls with KCTexture

New ways for men to manage their curls with KCTexture

Anyone with curly, coily, or textured hair knows that taking proper care of curls can help elevate the way they look and feel. Only about 20% of people across the globe have curly hair, and that number gets even smaller in men. Embracing your curls can make you more unique, so it’s important to treat them right. Men – it’s okay to admit that you may not be as mindful of the extra care curly hair needs but there are simple solutions to get you on track. Want a nourished mane like Aquaman actor, Jason Mamoa, or defined coils like Justin Timberlake or Corbin Bleu?

KCTEXTURE™ Intense Hydrating Masque (4 fl. oz. / $26.00)Conditioning treatments are essential for curly-haired men and women. KCTEXTURE™ Intense Hydrating Masque is designed specifically to deliver and seal in moisture on curly or textured hair. This ultra-nourishing, deep conditioning treatment is enriched with a blend of keratin, oils, and butters to drench dry, damaged hair with essential conditioning agents. KCTEXTURE™ reduces frizz and breakage, while enhancing hair’s natural texture. After cleansing and rinsing hair, apply KCTEXTURE™ Intense Hydrating Masque to hair, leave on for 10-20 minutes, and rinse. This masque can be used on its own or as part of the essential aftercare of the salon keratin treatment, KCTEXTURE™ Curl Enhancing Keratin System.

Keratin Complex KCTEXTURE™ Leave-In Conditioner (5 fl. oz. / $30.00) – When it’s time to groom those curly manes, give curls a boost of definition, softness, and shine with KCTEXTURE™ revitalizing leave-in conditioner. This lightweight, ultra-hydrating formula locks in moisture, detangles strands, and adds curl definition in between styles. Use on dry or damp hair to refresh curly, coily, and tight textures while creating a protective shield to guard against heat damage and UV rays. If your curls need a freshening up, spray lightly on mid-shafts and ends and massage gently through dry hair.

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