Product photo of styling gel, firm hold hairspray and molding paste

Styling and Finishing Line Delivers Optimal Results for Barbers and their Clients!

Keratin Complex® is a beloved “mane-stay” in the professional beauty community. The renowned full-service brand has been bringing big benefits to clients, salons, and stylists for more than a decade. But did you know that the Keratin Complex Styling and Finishing line is hit big with barbers, too? 

Celebrity barber and industry educator Eduardo Gallegos (@monster_eddiejr) turns to the Keratin Complex Styling and Finishing collection to put the final touches on clients’ hair so they leave his chair looking sharp and ready to take on the day.

Keratin Complex Styling and Finishing collection works perfectly in a barbershop setting,” Gallegos says. “The products help me finish my haircuts and deliver great results. Keratin Complex products help me every step of the way.” 

Here, Gallegos shares one of his favorite barbering styles, the pompadour, an iconic hairstyle popularized in the 1950s and 1960s. This style caters to both men and women seeking a long hairstyle with a fade on the side or even a taper for a more classic look. He also shares the products he turns to achieve these types of looks:

Step 1: Start by shampooing and conditioning to cleanse and prepare hair for styling.

Step 2: Apply Keratin Complex Styling Lotion onto damp hair to assist with thermal protection and styling control. 

Step 3: Blow-dry hair to achieve your desired look.

Step 4: Once hair is completely dry, apply Keratin Complex Molding Paste to control flyaways and define hair.

Step 5: Finish with Keratin Complex Firm Hold Hairspray to ensure the look stays in place.

 "Keratin Complex Styling and Finishing products make it easy to achieve any look I imagine,” Gallegos says. “The best part of the line is that it works for all hair types and hairstyles and products can be cocktailed for personalized results. It’s a must-have for barbers and hairdressers.”

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