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Why just be a Blonde when you can be a Blondeshell®?

2019 is the year of elevating your blonde look to a whole new level. From Jennifer Lawrence’s icy blonde to Jennifer Lopez’ warm golden tones, being a stunning Blondeshell® is easier than ever with Keratin Complex®! As the saying goes, blondes DO have more fun (or they’re supposed to!). But, we’re guessing they’re not referring to blondes dealing with brassy hair color! That’s where Blondeshell® comes in to play.

Let’s start with our Keratin Complex Blondeshell® Debrass and Brighten Shampoo. This purple-toned shampoo is perfect for all shades of blonde and silver vixens, from natural to highlighted.

So, what makes this dynamic shampoo so unique?

  • Keratin amino acids work to condition and protect fragile, over-processed, and damaged hair.
  • Lavender oil encourages the growth of healthy hair.
  • Blend of wheat and oat proteins increases hair’s resilience to heat styling, sun damage, and daily aggressors.
  • Fade-fighting complex with chamomile helps to neutralize brassy hair and enhance the beautiful tones of blonde, gray, and silver hair.

Don’t let the name fool you, Blondeshell® is also perfect for embracing natural greys and keeping silver strands vibrant.

O, The Oprah Magaizine feautured Blondeshell® on the list of best shampoos for hair! Gray hair can become dull easily. This shampoo neutralizes unwanted tones and textures and brightens the hair from the inside out,” explains celebrity hairstylist Jesse German of West Hollywood’s Martinez-Samuel Salon.

Best of all, Blondeshell® is sulfate-free and is keratin-enhanced, keeping your hair strong and healthy all year round! So whether all-over blonde, sun-kissed highlights or golden balayage this season, banish the brass and embrace your inner and outer Blondeshell® with Keratin Complex!

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